Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

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Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock Reviews

  • Sandra Leal

    Sandra Leal

    Reviewed in Useful apps

    See why this alarm is called walk me up instead of wake me up, it makes you walk a few steps to turn off the alarm, so it makes you wake up, never be late again


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Walk Me Up! is unlike any other alarm app you would have used. It stops ringing only when you have walked a certain number of steps. That’s right, it 'walks' you up!
And this app also has intelligent algorithms to detect shaking. So, if you try to cheat, the app wouldn't hesitate to punish...you gotta try it to believe it.
So, all those sleepy heads out there who find it difficult to get out of bed, this is the perfect alarm for you.
It has the following features:
- Evil mode: Disable the snooze button
- Set the number of steps to dismiss the alarm
- Voice Assist
- Change the sensitivity of the step counter
- Change the snooze duration
- Add quick alarms
- Apply label to alarm
- Change alarm volume and ringtone
- Set alarms to repeat Now, no more of missing early lectures/ meetings or missing out on precious study time before exams!
The free version is full featured but ad supported.
If you like the app, please rate it. We would love to hear your feedback. Email us at walkmeup@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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