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QKSMS - Open Source SMS & MMS

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QKSMS - Open Source SMS & MMS Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    I know I've reviewed QKSMS before, but the app's now completely free and open-source. And you know that means good things are a comin'. Also, you get to choose from a myriad of tints and shades of colours. And yes, I use this as my daily SMS driver. Texting my mum never looked this good.

  • najodleglejszy


    Reviewed in Apps that make your life easier

    pretty. functional. material. my favourite texting app so far. beware, there are still some minor bugs for the dev to squash.

  • Jérémie G.

    Jérémie G.

    Reviewed in [FR] Android : Super app et bon design

    Les SMS à la sauce Lollipop.

  • Kanhai Naik

    Kanhai Naik

    Reviewed in Great Looking Apps with functionality to boot!

    A lot like textra...very smooth, very material...

  • Duwayne Findlay

    Duwayne Findlay

    Reviewed in Android App Report

    Updated: This app is currently being tested and up front this is straight from V's form and function list. But it's worth a shout out . I'm impressed and I only have one issue with it. So I'll reserve final judgement until they respond to my email. Reposted from HoverChat: After performing a few test with both HoverChat and QKSMS running side by side. The following points were clear: (It should be said I'm using the Huawei P6 on 4.2.2) 1 - receiving pop-up text while on the home screen. Both performed well. However QKSMS' pop-up settings had to be refreshed as the pop-ups stopped after trying to receive a text while watching a video. 2 - receiving pop-up while watching a YouTube video via the app. HoverChat worked, no problem. QKSMS didn't and not even the notification bar listed the SMS. While the feature to transition to transparent for HoverChat, while the video continued to play, was pretty cool. 3 - screen off. HoverChat still displayed the popup and message count. QKSMS didn't bother to show up to the party. Design goes to QKSMS with its material style and clean interface. Functionality goes to HoverChat. It should be said QKSMS had received all SMS sent. These issues only affected the notifications.


Remember when text messaging was like magic? QKSMS brings a refreshingly beautiful and responsive Material Design touch to the stale state of text messaging. In a world with clunky SMS and MMS apps cluttered with bloat and ads, QKSMS is something to get excited about. We’re making texting magical again.

QKSMS is also fully open source!

Here’s why we think you’ll love it
• Material Design: And lots of it. QKSMS is the most beautiful text messenger available
• Themes: And nearly 200 of them available. Each one, hand picked by Google in the Material Design guidelines
• Night Mode: Like to have dark themes? So do we. Control it yourself, or turn on Automatic Night Mode and have night mode turned on automatically when it's dark out.
• Customization: It's your app. Make it yours!
• QK Reply: Reply to messages without having to leave what you're doing
• Group Messaging: So tell all your friends!
• MMS: For when words just aren't enough
• Delayed Messaging: Give yourself a second, make sure you said what you wanted to say!
• Android Wear: Full support for Android Wear, including customizable quick responses!
• Search: You care about your messages, so you should be able to find them. Now you can
• Security: QKSMS is protected against the Stagefright MMS exploit on Android
• Completely free: We also don't want to make you have to pay for extra features!
• Anything else you want: We work on QKSMS every single day, and we're always looking for feedback. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

If you'd like to view the source code, leave bug reports, or feature suggestions, visit https://github.com/moezbhatti/qksms