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    Apr 30, 2016


With JorSay, your phone reads the incoming notification aloud if you ask it to, just by shaking your watch. It eliminates the need of scrolling and swiping around on the tiny screen of the watch - actions that require using both hands, while you could be in the middle of something else, like driving.

JorSay is customizable. You can select the apps it would read notifications for, whether to use maximum volume for reading notifications, and whether to 'skip' Shake Detection using Android Wear and read notifications aloud as they come in. You can also configure the Shake intensity and how long the app should listen for the Shake. Moreover, you can configure 'silence intervals' to avoid listening to notifications when you are asleep!
This is just the beginning, and even more customization options are in the pipeline.

JorSay is smart. It doesn't read notifications from your music player or other ongoing operations. It doesn't read notifications posted with minimum priority - like Google Now weather updates. If it fails to register a Shake, you can still trigger 'read aloud' from your watch - just say 'Start notification reader' to bring up the app and tap on the JorSay button. Moreover, it supports Ambient Mode - you can quickly get back to it even after your watch screen turns off.

JorSay is transparent about its operations. It doesn't have ads, and it doesn't use your personal information for any unintended purposes.

You have a say! Please give us your feedback and feature suggestions here, or by sending us an email.

What does the name JorSay mean? It is a play on the Hindi word for 'aloud' - :)