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Wave Launcher Reviews

  • Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Reviewed in Die besten Apps und Spiele - Tägliches Update

    Alle vorher festgelegten Apps könnt Ihr jederzeit aus jeder anderen App heraus, schnell und unkompliziert, durch eine ausziehbare Leiste, starten! Zusätzlich habt Ihr die Möglichkeit, auf die zuletzt geöffneten Programme zuzugreifen!

  • XloszStudio


    Reviewed in Launchers App

    A quick gesture-enabled quick launch bar always accessible with a simple gesture Wave Launcher is the ultimate add-on launcher available for Android! With a single swipe you can launch up to 120(!) of your favorite apps, shortcuts and recently-used a

  • MakeUseOf


    Reviewed in The 100 Best Android Apps

    Similar to SwipePad but with a different look. Supports fewer apps.

  • Joy Smith

    Joy Smith

    Reviewed in Droid DIY - Customization, Management & Design

    A unique and fast method of accessing your fave apps, settings & media - sadly I dont believe theres a lite version so you only get the 15min google play refund limit to test it. Its truly something special though, so give it a shot.

  • Anthony Kees

    Anthony Kees

    Reviewed in Geekesques zapplis!



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This version of Wave Launcher is DISCONTINUED. Please download the NEW version here:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wavelauncher ----------------------------------------------
Wave Launcher is the ultimate add-on launcher available for Android! With a single swipe you can launch up to 120(!) of your favorite apps, shortcuts and recently-used apps regardless of which app is currently running. Wave Launcher is accessible anytime, anywhere!

Usage is extremely simple:
1. Touch the very bottom of the screen and slowly swipe your finger up towards the middle of the screen.
2. When you get towards the middle, the wave appears!
3. Without raising your finger, swipe left or right to select the desired application.
4. To launch the app, simply raise your finger from the screen.
5. If you change your mind and don't want to launch anything, simply swipe the wave back to the bottom.

Notable features:
✓ The wave can contain any application or shortcut you can add to your home screen.
✓ The wave can contain a direct-access icon to the built-in app-drawer.
✓ The wave can contain dynamically updating recently-used apps.
✓ 'Recents Mode' will show you 12 recently used-apps
✓ Manual exclude list for recents.
✓ Create folders on the wave. Folders are fully controllable with swiping alone.
✓ Customizable wave colors and icon size
✓ The wave is accessible anytime, regardless of which application is currently running, using a simple gesture!
✓ Supports custom icons from ADW themes (More coming soon!).
✓ Use any picture/icon from your gallery/SD-card as icon.
✓ The wave responds to your finger movement. It changes its shape, icon size, and icon transparency.
✓ Can be enabled by swiping from the bottom, left side or right side of the screen (See the 'calibrate' screen)
✓ Fully independent, doesn't need to replace your home-screen app.
✓ Doesn't interfere with running applications.
✓ Small memory footprint.
✓ Fully customizable gesture-area with a single long-press and swipe!
✓ Doesn't affect battery-life!
✓ Tons of customization settings!
✓ Plugins infrastructure.
✓ App-drawer plugin with single-tap and long-press functionality.
✓ Controllable notification action.
✓ Localized to 9 languages:
English, Hebrew, Spanish, Serbian, Italian, French, Russian, German and Polish!

NOTE: Notification icon can be disabled in the settings screen.

App-drawer plugin features:
✓ Cool animations.
✓ Sort alphabetically.
✓ Sort by last-update-time.
✓ Sort in ascending/descending order.
✓ Unlike standard home-app, icons are kept in volatile cache and memory is freed when asked by Android.
✓ Long-press apps to show on market, and uninstall.

This is a very customizable app. PLEASE read the info in the Help screen, it contains lots of useful information.

NOTE: Permission to make phone calls is required for placing direct-call shortcuts on the wave.
(Call your loved-ones with a single swipe!)

Your input and comments are welcome at: wavelauncher@mobilemerit.com

We cannot respond to market comments, but your e-mail will be answered with 100% guarantee!

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