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Welcome to video learning on-the-go. If you’re interested in the intersection between technology and learning then the chances are you already know Mobento.

If not here’s the scoop: We’re a video learning platform.

We serve those in education and those who are simply curious about life and we’re growing an online library of very high quality educational videos. This includes content from Khan Academy, TED, Stanford, Yale, Cambridge, Bozeman Science, NASA and many more. We curate the content with savage zeal so only the very best content appears. So unlike searching the regular Internet – there’s no chance of wasting your time on clutter.

With the Mobento Android app all this is now packaged up to work on the move.


• 4300+ videos from the very highest quality sources.

• You can stream videos or download videos to your Android device for offline viewing.

• Favorites, Watch list and your viewing history syncs across your Android devices and your account on our website.

• Search for the words spoken in the videos.

• Browse and enroll in courses. (tablet only)

• Take notes while watching a video within one of your courses even when offline. (tablet only)

• Content in 27 categories such as: biology, computer science, creative thinking, history, math and more.

• Content from organization such as: Khan Academy, TED, Stanford, NASA, Cambridge, Bozeman Science and Yale.

• School Account users can now access their private accounts by signing into the app.

How does search work?
Searching for knowledge is not like searching for, say, music. You’re not looking for the “artist” name or the song title. A thirst for knowledge demands you search differently.

You want to search by the words you’re looking for: So if you type the words ” natural” “selection” then Mobento instantly shows you every video where those words were spoken. It also tells you what the frequency of occurrence is.

The search even shows you when each word was spoken so you can zoom straight to the moment when a two-hour lecture focuses on the topic you’re interested in.

It’s a free service.

You don’t have to sign-up but it takes less than 30 seconds and allows you to download videos on the application, take courses and comment on the website.

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