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Wordament® Reviews

  • Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Reviewed in The best Apps and Games - Daily Update

    In this puzzle-game you have to pressed for time on a character field as many words as you can see by wipe (horizontally, vertically and diagonally)! Then you get a ranking and will compared with players from the entire rest of the world!

  • Antonio Guerreiro

    Antonio Guerreiro

    Reviewed in AppMania

    Very nice casual game, by Microsoft!

  • Tarun M

    Tarun M

    Reviewed in Casual Games

    cross platform win & ios; play online realtime ; xbox achievments

  • Kent Lee

    Kent Lee

    Reviewed in Simple games.

    Word game from Microsoft, buggy at times but great for education and entertainment.

  • Joanna Palmer

    Joanna Palmer

    Reviewed in Essential Apps

    Highly addictive!

  • Stefanie Tanujaya

    Stefanie Tanujaya

    Reviewed in Actually used Daily Apps

    Wordament is your special simple game that you actually play a lot with your friends after sharing them. It's a competitive word game that show around the world's leaderboard of a 2-minutes game. It's a good game to pass while watching tv or just waiting for the water to boil!


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"Why play against one person in a turn when you can play against thousands at once? Wordament® is a real-time continuous word tournament. Players compete on the same board with everyone at once. Rounds offer challenges such as two- and three-letter tiles, themed words, speed rounds and more. You can be a champion in many ways: find the most words possible, earn the best score, find the longest words, best your Frenemies, or beat your top score. How you win is up to you. Wordament tracks your progress by maintaining rich statistics about your gameplay including your best word found, total score, best word count, first place finishes and more. Xbox Leaderboards show you who's rocking it for the day, hour and overall. Climb the ranks and earn achievements and bragging rights along the way. Will you be our next champion?

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