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MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder Reviews

  • Best Android Wear Apps

    Best Android Wear Apps

    Reviewed in Best Android Wear apps

    great app easy to use with cool UI especially the pill selection, the notification on Android Wear is good also as you just need to shake your wrist to mark that you took the medication.

  • Claude SG (AndroidB)

    Claude SG (AndroidB)

    Reviewed in Android Wear Games & Apps

    The first medical app for Android Wear. This was already on smartphones and now got a sync buddy for Wear: Shake to Take – Users simply rotate their wrists left-to-right to let the app know that they took the pill Swipe and Tap – Users swipe-left on their reminder and tap once to confirm

  • Sandra Leal

    Sandra Leal

    Reviewed in Useful apps

    If your like me and have to take a lot of prescriptions this is the best app to keep you reminded on when you need to take it or when you took it, has option to text an emergency contact as well

  • Sayyed Usaid

    Sayyed Usaid

    Reviewed in Use ful Android app

    The top rated medication remainder if you need to track your medication this the app for you.

  • Duwayne Findlay

    Duwayne Findlay

    Reviewed in Android App Report

    I almost wrote this app off. Not gonna lie another app that reminds you to do something? Almost seems like a practice in futility. Just how many alarm clocks do you really need on your phone? However, this goes a step further by having a buddy like system. Standout points: -Reminds you to take your medicine and if you forget it sends a message to a specified buddy to remind you. -Very detailed medicine image chart. You can pretty much recreate the image of the medicine.


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Medisafe is the leading medication manager and pill reminder. If you need to organize and/or can’t remember to take your meds, this is the app for you!

★As seen on Fox News TV: Download Medisafe for free and start managing your medication★
MediSafe is intuitive, visual, easy to set up and entirely FREE pill reminder and meds management app. With just a few simple steps, you can add a medication, get reminders and track your progress. You can even manage a family member’s medication or have a loved one or caregiver make sure you take your meds as prescribed.

Whether you are taking one medicine or many, you know how difficult it can be to take the correct dose at the correct time in right way. If you are a caretaker for a parent or child, you know how stressful it is not knowing for sure if your loved one took their pills.

★MediSafe medication reminder has the solution. It's free and simple!★

MediSafe will remind you when to take your medication. You can also update your app manually about your medications. Your Med-Friend (family member or caretaker) is notified in case you don’t check in, so they can remind you only if needed.

★Download MediSafe medication reminder, never forget a medicine dose again!★

Free features:
• Visual and super easy to handle Medication Reminder.
• Syncing family members' devices and medication in real time.
• Reliable medication reminder, even if your device is asleep.
• New! Track your measurements to make sure your in great health alongside your medication.
• Choose your meds reminder sound.
• See on your medication list of what is "due today".
• Rx refill reminds you when you need to restock on medicine, and offers discounts.
• List PRN medication (on demand/as required pills).
• See your medication progress report and send it to the doctor or nurse.
• Sync reminders with your Android Wear smartwatch.
• New! Medication discount card and coupons (US only).

Free extra features, after registration:
• Automatic secured backup and restore on the Medisafe cloud server (HIPAA compliant servers).

★ Download Medisafe, never worry about family drugs doses anymore! ★

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Medi Safe is well adjusted for managing drugs for many complex health conditions such as Diabetes, heart conditions and cancer treatments, but also as a convenient reminder for taking birth control lady pills and vitamins. Track your glucose levels, blood pressure, pulse, temperature and weight alongside your medication management.
Reduce your stress and improve health with Medi-Safe - the best medication reminder !

App permissions information
“Read your contacts” – if you choose to add a Med-Friend to sync your meds to. MediSafe never stores your address book content and doesn’t access your address book without your control.

“Find accounts on the device” – used in push messaging. In case family member forgets a medication, we will notify you via push notification.

If everything is free how do we make business?
We have paid versions of our leading medication reminder that we offer to pharmacies, hospitals and healthcare providers.

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