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Life Time Alarm Clock

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Experience the Evolution of Alarm Clock Design. Habitual over-sleepers, strung-out college students, moms, travelers –this free alarm has got you covered!

Stop Being Late! Stop Over-Snoozing! Smart Snooze lets you limit the amount of time you can snooze! Wake challenges make sure you’re awake, and we’ve got some loud alarm tones to BLAST you out of bed!

How About a Little Respect? We respect your battery, no drain unless Life Time Alarm Clock is visible to you. Other top alarm clocks use up to 8% of your battery in the background 24/7! We respect your privacy, no permissions to access personal information.

Wake Happy! Why start your day with repetitive annoying sound effects? Our curated wake music gets you motivated and feeling ready to take on the day. Wake to ours, or wake to your own MP3's stored on your device.

Get Organized! Turn on and off alarms by group, set icons and colors, move, copy, customize to your heart’s content!

It’s the Little Things… Flashlight when you need it most, pre-alarms for gentle wake, flip to snooze, the list of alarm clock features goes on…

Change Snooze Time on-the-fly with Flex Snooze. Adjust snooze length all you want within the limits you set for yourself.

Need to wake up early to put clothes in the dryer? Press “Ring Next Alarm Early” and you can adjust the next alarm, and after that, they are back to normal. No need to remember to set it back to normal. The best little feature that you never knew you needed!

Desk clock with day and night mode. Classic alarm clock styling with a modern touch!

Works great on all screen sizes, tablets, and phones.

Wake challenges include the classic memory game, and math challenges with difficulty levels for everyone.

With the grouping features, it also works great for to-do list, task list, and task reminders. Helps you wake gently, or with the loudest alarm, to start your morning right. Reliable for work, that job interview, college classes, pills, reminders, and more!

The beautiful design of Life Time borrows from Kit Kat Android design, as well as the new Material Design, and other gorgeous motivational designs. It may appear minimal, but it's feature packed, with a design that's not annoying like Timely. All this for free!

So if you want a free and simple way to get out of bed, and are done with extreme designs like Timely, try waking up from sleep with something not so loud and annoying, but gentle (or extreme enough to force you out of bed!), and beautiful, with gradual wake from ambient tones, games, alarms that slowly fade up, vibration, great alarm ring tones, and the ability to customize colors, vibration, a great way to dismiss, and much more!

Keep an eye on us! We are developing fast, with new languages coming, and many features coming this summer, such as a timer, cloud integration, and an alarm tone store!

Permissions Explained:

Test access to protected storage: for reading MP3 files for alarm tones from the SD card.
Take pictures and videos: in Android, the flashlight is connected to the camera, so the camera permission is required. There is no microphone access, if you look closely at the permission, "Camera/Microphone" is simple the catagory that "Take Pictures and Video" is under. If you look any flashlight app on Android, you will see the same permission.
Google Play license check: to check that the app is genuine
Control flashlight: required along with the camera permission for the flashlight to work.
Prevent device from sleeping: so your alarm does not stop ringing when your screen falls asleep.
Control vibration: for the alarm vibration feature.
Full network access: for bug reporting.
Run at startup: so the alarm will ring even if you restart your phone after setting the alarm. Please note that this does not drain the battery in the background. You can check by going to "Battery" in your Android "Settings" menu.