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  • ‫احمد العمودي‬‎

    ‫احمد العمودي‬‎

    Reviewed in احمد العمودي لشروحات الاندرويد

    تطبيق جديد يساعدك على التركيز على ما تفعله بشكل أكبر حيث يتيح لك Focus out Distractions إيقاف عمل التطبيقات التي تشغلك بإستمرار وذلك لمدة زمينة معينة تقوم أنت بتحديدها وذلك لتشجعيك ومساعدتك على التركيز في عملك او دراستك بشكل أكبر. التطبيق بال...

  • Fawzy Mowakeh

    Fawzy Mowakeh

    Reviewed in Tech dragon

    if you got test and you can't study because your phone makes you distracted especially if you like or have a many apps in your phone then you need this app in briefly it will block the APS that you think ng they distract you and won't open it is...


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FocusON is an app that help you detox from smartphone distractions by blocking out apps & websites that waste your time. Select any app & websites to lock out and select time (set or schedule timer or recurring) and start lock.

This app will help you meet your deadlines by fighting procrastination
Got a deadline coming up? Need procrastination help? Want to become efficient by keeping a strict focus? The app teaches you strict self-discipline and efficient use of time. If you are distracted and need to concentrate, the app will lock out the right elements to train your mind to stop wasting time. Get FocusON & Fight Nomophobia. Once you conquer all distractions with your intensive focus, possibilities are limitless. **KEY FEATURES**:
- Block ANY number of apps (including notifications) on your phone with a timer
- Schedule any no. of Locks any time: now, in the future, or weekly
- Now block Websites too (only Chrome browser supported currently) -- feature in Beta [**NOTE**: Blocks ALL mobile websites, and does NOT block some desktop sites. For ex: will block "" but not ""]
- Supports latest Android Lollipop too

You can lock yourself out of this app for any amount of time starting anytime. This app is perfect for exam time. Set a timer and get unbelievable amount of study done. Got a deadline coming up, setup a block and get that paper done! Finding yourself in trouble in classes, setup a block and focus in right into the material. Get this app to stay productive, fight smartphone addiction, be productive right before exams and deadlines and finally fight off procrastination.

This app is better than just simple Pomodro Timer apps, this will actually lock our the apps that are distracting you and cause procrastination during exams or deadlines.

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