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Zebuloids Reviews

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    Reviewed in 21 Best New Android Games (9/3/13 - 9/16/13)

    Zebuloids looks like it's got a lot of inspiration from Nintendo's Pikmin, but with a more standard single-player puzzle focus. You traipse around the 3D environment, finding parts for your spaceship and solving a few puzzles along the way.


Vogelz has crashed on the wonderful and verdant planet Zebs, Zebuloids’ land, bursting it into pieces, and looting it to fix their spaceship.
Relax yourself in this isometric 3D puzzle and reflexion game occuring in a colourful universe.
Help the Zebuloids to counter this threat with a virtual pad. You will need logic to guide them to the end of each level, thwarting the traps and the enemies

Take control of 3 different Zebuloids with unique characteristics or fuse them to obtain the super black Zebuloid, and solve the enigmas. Harvest raw materials to boost your score and share it with the whole galaxy thanks to the social features!

Game features :
- 3 Zebuloids, red, yellow and blue, with different characteristics,
- Fuse them to obtain the black Zebuloid and its dash skill, to jump over the obstacles,
- 3 worlds for 30 levels and 2 additional worlds,
- A colourful isometric 3D jigsaw,
- Increasing difficulty and a great variety of obstacles and enigmas,
- Share your intergalactic success thanks to the social features.