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Try out Maluuba - it should help you organize your day, find things to do, and stay connected to what matters. With our sophisticated natural language AI platform, Maluuba for Android is the best way to see how intuitive and versatile natural interfaces can be. Some great questions to try out:
"Sushi restaurants in New York"
"What movies are in theaters?"
"What was the score of the Man United game last week?"
"How many touchdowns has Peyton Manning scored this season?
"What is Amazon's stock price?"
"Text Justin I'll be there soon!"

✓ Sports? NHL, MLB, NFL, European Soccer and more
✓ Stocks and quotes! Maluuba supports the NASDAQ, NYSE and TSE markets
✓ Full interactive Dialogue support
✓ Hungry? Search for restaurants with Maluuba with questions like "Where can I get a cheeseburger?"
✓ Get directions to places you're looking for
✓ Ask for movie showtimes and watch trailers through the app
✓ Set Reminders easily! E.g. "Remind me to buy milk on Tuesday at 8pm"
✓ Create Alarms through voice like 'Wake me up tomorrow at 8am'
✓ Ask general, knowledge questions and get exact results
✓ Ask queries like 'where can I get a toothbrush?" or 'where can I practice yoga?"

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