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SHADOWGUN: DeadZone Reviews

  • Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Reviewed in Die besten Apps und Spiele

    Der Multiplayer-Part des erfolgreichsten mobilen Third-Person-Shooters! Spielt online mit 12 anderen Personen in zwei verschiedenen Modi! Alle verfügbaren Waffen können durch verdientes Geld verbessert werden! Eine Chat-Funktion ermöglicht es Euch mit anderen Team-Mitgliedern zu kommunizieren! P.S.: Dieses Spiel finanziert sich über In-App Käufe! Am Besten zockt Ihr das Game auf einem Tablet mit verbundenem Bluetooth-Controller!

  • Astra Pramezto

    Astra Pramezto

    Reviewed in Android action hd games

    Madfinger best multiplayer games

  • Gun Match

    Gun Match

    Reviewed in MaxisTopMultiplayerGames/3d/multiplayer

    Best free 3d game in the Google play store

  • Emillio Cortez

    Emillio Cortez

    Reviewed in The Android Gaming G€€k

    A Online multiplayer 3rd person console-like shooting game equiped with free for all mode and zone control which is a BIG all out war fighting to conquer each zone. With loads of guns to unlock and buy with gold, Skins to unlock, hats to protect your head, and perks and medits and guns ammo to help out your team in battle this game is sure to pass on hours on end / no wifi included but perferd on some oocasions/

  • Sameh El-Hakim

    Sameh El-Hakim

    Reviewed in Best Games on the market

    The best first person shoot game that give you the ability to play with your friends Multiplayer

  • Gamaliel Cuadrado

    Gamaliel Cuadrado

    Reviewed in Good Games HD

    Excelente multiplayer game... :-)


The best looking multiplayer sci-fi shooter for mobile devices. „Shadowgun: DeadZone is one of the sharpest-looking shooters we've seen.“ – SlideToPlay
„They’ve made what could be the best multiplayer shooting experience on a mobile device.“ – TouchGen
„If you want evidence that mobile games are turning into their console and PC cousins, then look no further than Shadowgun: Dead Zone.“ –

Prove your courage and challenge your friends.

Experience heroic multiplayer battles that have never been seen on mobile device before.

Enjoy console quality multiplayer game with awesome graphics on your phone and tablet.

* Experience intense tactical multiplayer combat with up to 12 players connected online.
* Choose from two popular game modes – Deathmatch and Zone Control, various maps and from 10 playable characters
* As a character's ranking increases, new elements will be unlocked and available during gameplay
* New control elements such as sprint and roll have been implemented into gameplay
* A wide ranging arsenal offers Assault Rifles, Machine guns, Plasma Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launcher and many more, all of which are upgradable
* Various items including Medi Kit, Ammo Kit, Flash Grenades, EMP Grenades, Frag Grenades, Sentry Guns and Mines