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Named the #1 mobile wallet in the U.S., LoopPay allows you to pay by smartphone or smart device virtually everywhere. LoopPay’s patented Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST™) technology allows LoopPay devices to work with existing credit and debit card readers in store – there are no special symbols or equipment to look for! Hold your LoopPay enabled smartphone or device against where you normally swipe a credit card and press a button on the LoopPay device to pay instantly. You can also open the LoopPay app and select a different card to make a payment.

LoopPay is fast, easy and secure. Carry and pay with thousands of mag stripe credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards, including Starbucks, Macy’s, Walmart and Target. Use LoopPay and leave your wallet at home.

What Makes LoopPay Unique
- It’s the only technology that works virtually everywhere – 10 million merchants and counting
- It works with all bank cards, and mag stripe gift, loyalty and private label cards
- Scan all of your ID and membership cards to consolidate your physical wallet into your virtual wallet
- LoopPay works on Android 4.3 and higher

Security is a Top Priority
We encrypt all your card data, and lock them with your own PIN and password. Even if your LoopPay device is stolen, the secure chip and security algorithm used to store your cards will prevent unauthorized access. The encrypted data and your LoopPay devices are bound to your account and only accessible by you.

To Use LoopPay
1. Download the free LoopPay app and setup your account
2. Order a LoopPay device from www.LoopPay.com or from within the app
3. Once you receive your LoopPay device, setup your account so only you can use it and then swipe in your cards with the LoopPay reader

Get started with LoopPay today so you can truly leave your wallet at home.