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LoopWallet is the first mobile wallet that actually lets you use your Android device to make credit, debit
and gift card payments at 90% of retail locations. LoopWallet is the smart and convenient way to pay
unlike other mobile wallets that require special equipment at the POS, the LoopWallet can
be used almost everywhere.
The LoopWallet app works with the Loop Fob so you can swipe all of your credit, debit, gift, loyalty and
rewards cards into secure memory on the Loop Fob. All of your information is protected by a PIN number
that prevents others from accessing the information through your smartphone.

Once your cards are loaded, you can then use the app with the Fob at the places you shop and dine every
day. You can also take pictures of your ID and Membership cards, plus enter other information like logins
and passwords to help you organize, thin your wallet and secure all of your personal information. Clerks,
servers and other customers alike will be amazed at how cool it is when you use Loop!

Use the LoopWallet app to store all your cards and personal information:

- Credit and Debit Cards

- Gift Cards

- Loyalty and Rewards Cards

- Membership and ID Cards

- Logins and passwords

SAFE - Setup in minutes with the highest level of security. The app is locked with your PIN and password
so only you have access to your cards. Others cannot use your account or your Loop devices. Loop uses
a highly secure, payment industry-approved chip to store all your card data; our security algorithm also
prevents fraudsters from swiping in payment cards belonging to others.

FAST AND CONVENIENT - Leave your bulky wallet behind! Our simple user interface places all your
cards at your fingertips. Select and use your cards in seconds and not only payment cards, but also the other
cards that clutter your wallet or you usually leave at home.

CONNECTED - The LoopWallet is part of the ever-growing Loop Ecosystem. Offers, incentives and
meaningful value will be added from merchants and card issuers in the future. The LoopWallet is the
foundation of a revolutionary commerce Loop!

You can use the free LoopWallet app by keying and scanning cards in, but you'll get the most convenience
by purchasing a Loop Fob or other Loop-Ready™ device to store and transmit your payment cards to
virtually any POS terminal without swiping.

WANT A LOOP? If you haven’t already, buy your Loop Fob at http://www.looppay.com/shop. Coming to a
retailer near you soon.

For more information, visit LoopPay.com.

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