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  • Chuck Musciano

    Chuck Musciano

    Reviewed in Quantified Self

    To extend tracking beyond myself to my family, the Life360 app is the best I've found for passive tracking of family members for safety and connectivity.


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Family Locator by Life360 delivers peace of mind by showing you the current locations of your family members so you know that everyone is where they’re supposed to be. Every day, millions of families use Life360’s Family Locator to:

• Locate their family members on a private map only visible through the Family Locator app
• Make sure everyone gets to their respective location safely (even at places where phone use is uncommon - like school, soccer practice, or the movies)
• Receive free alerts when family members arrive at and/or leave important family locations designated by the group
• Reduce the number of “Where are you?” tracking texts so conversations with each other stay meaningful
• Find their misplaced or stolen phones (“locate my phone”/“device tracker” functionality is available in app and on the web)

Family Locator’s state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology is also combined with thoughtful features that make it more than just a tracker or finder app - it’s an indispensable tool for family organization and planning.

• Ride Coordination - Tap on your family member’s profiles to view driving directions and your ETA for their exact GPS location
• Shopping Lists - Organize your grocery needs into a shared list that’s easy for all family members to locate and check-off when they’re at the store
• Event Reminders - Make sure no one misses a planned event by setting family reminders triggered by date, time, and/or location
• Free In-App Messaging - Start 1-1 and group chats with your family members to stay in touch without extra phone or text message costs
• Emergency Alerts - If someone needs assistance or attention, our tracker technology will alert every member of their family and dispatch 911 to their GPS location if needed

Family Locator’s tracking functionality can also extend beyond the family, allowing you to locate and communicate with anyone who is important to you. Many users find Family Locator to also be great for organizing carpools, tracking the ETA of party guests or teammates, coordinating with babysitters, tracking friends on long car trips, and much more! Once you and your loved ones add the Family Locator tracker app to your phones, the calming ability to locate everyone you care about and better coordinate your time together will only be a few simple and non-intrusive phone taps away!

Family Locator by Life360 - making it easier to locate and stay connected to your family so you can focus on what matters.