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ReNotify allows you to set notification reminders ridiculously fast when you're on the go. You can take your phone out, set a reminder, and put it back in your pocket quicker than you read this sentence, seriously. Put the app on your home screen on lock screen, and all you have to do is open it, immediately type your message and press a button, and your reminder will be waiting for you next time you look at your phone.

Unlike other quick notes apps, ReNotify allows you to view, dismiss, or add more notes instantly from anywhere on your device via the notification tray. You will also see a reminder icon in the status bar the instant you turn the screen on.

Unlike other notification apps, ReNotify’s focus is on speed. No complicated options, no choosing icons, just a lightning fast process that allows you to leave yourself a reminder in literally four or five seconds.

ReNotify has a clean and simple UI, is free from ads, and takes up virtually no memory.

"An excellent app - Editor's Choice from"

If you have any issues or suggestions, leave a comment or email me at the address below. If the translation is wrong, you can help fix it by sending me a correction!

Boot permission is required to restore notifications after a reboot.

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