Quad Drawer, quick app drawer

Quad Drawer, quick app drawer

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    Jan 9, 2014

Quad Drawer, quick app drawer Reviews

  • Thomas Unterkircher

    Thomas Unterkircher

    Reviewed in A beautiful and improved Android experience

    An app drawer replacement. Includes a T9 dialer to quickly find your apps, remembers frequent apps and puts it at the top of the list. Easily slide between recently or frequently used and alphabetical ordered app lists.

  • Cory Roberts

    Cory Roberts

    Reviewed in Beautiful and promising apps 5k+ and less installs

    A replacement app drawer that is beautiful and functional. Search is T9 style a la T9 App Dialer or you can browse your apps the old fashioned way. The best of both worlds! Also features a "most used" and "recently downloaded" list.

  • Michael Oliver

    Michael Oliver

    Reviewed in Cool and Useful Apps for Galaxy Note 8

    If you don't want to go to trying a complete new launcher, this is a great app for giving you quicker and easier access to your apps, worth the $1.

  • Frank Ng

    Frank Ng

    Reviewed in The Premium Android Experience

    Theoretically, the Google Search bar is supposed to bring up your apps when you search for them. It does that, but only some of the time. Try it yourself and watch it slowly and painfully locate your apps. Google search inexplicably fails after a while too. Quad Drawer is able to find your apps almost instantly as you're entering its name, 100% of the time! Searching by name is faster than flicking through lists of icons most of the time. Their app draw can be sorted by most used, alphabetical, or newly installed. Let your phone's computer find the apps for you and save your brain's CPU cycles for something more productive.

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Nov 9th 2013

    hidepolitics: I've been using quad drawer (99c) for a few days now. It's an app draw that sorts by frequently used, recently used, recently downloaded or alphabetical and has search with a t9 styled keyboard. Once you're used to it loading things is way faster than sidebars or things like them. Especially if you have something like gmd gesture control installed to load it from wherever.

  • Chris Wright

    Chris Wright

    Reviewed in First Apps

    Launch any app really fast.

  • Malhaar Kale

    Malhaar Kale

    Reviewed in I Paid and Forgot About It

    Hmm, slow.

  • Code Carter

    Code Carter

    Reviewed in Apps We love.

    The best app manager.


Quad Drawer, your apps, quicker! How much time do you spend searching your apps on your device? A lot for sure!
Now, Quad, the app drawer solves your problem.

Quad Drawer is the quickest way to launch apps. It’s a simple app drawer: using the predictive keyboard, just type a few letters of the app you’re looking for and Quad will bring it to you.

You want to go quicker? You don’t want to return to your homescreen to launch your app drawer? We solved that! Go to your settings, and activate “Floating window”. Now, you can access Quad Drawer from any app by touching the floating icon.

“Ok! That’s good but it’s not enough” you may think. We thought too, so we added more features.
Because all Android users are not launching apps the same way, many options are available in this app drawer:
- Select how you want to sort your apps (alphabetically, by most used, by last used, by install date)
- Select how your apps are displayed (grid or list)
- Select the keyboard you want (default or predictive)

Quad Drawer provides a light and a dark theme. Choose the one that suits you the best according to your system and your personal tastes.

With Quad Drawer, you will never lose time searching apps, and you’ll save a lot of room on your homescreen so you can add more Beautiful Widgets ;-)