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LBE安全大师(免ROOT) Reviews


LBE安全大师V6.1超长待机版!智能省电从此电池无忧! 【权限管理】完美实现app的超级权限管理









LBE security master version V6.1 long standby! Smart power from this battery to worry! [Rights management] to achieve the perfect super-rights management app
★ free root: ROOT available system without permission, without fear of bricking and the risk of losing the warranty, the perfect support system 4.4.
★ security sandbox: ROOT troubles away, isolate running insecure software!

[] The ultimate garbage clean junk files clean up the phone
The new cleanup module, scanning more intimate, real clean up garbage no residual (excluding process is no overstatement)

[Cut] perfect wake wake mutual ban Software
Perfect cut Wake: Smart + manually cut off double insurance!

[Intelligent] clean up unwanted acceleration process
Only the end of the cache and background processes, accelerate caring for your phone!

[Sleep] autosleep background intelligent software
Full dormant background software, mobile accelerate more fun!

Energy-saving optimization] [fully functional personalized settings and more power
The new power-saving features, interactive concise and approachable, professional custom settings for various scenarios status, attentive care of your battery

Tips: Use the millet phone, such as integration into the brush MIUI4.0 + LBE ROM user rights management, turn off the system comes with rights management, so as not to affect the normal use of the phone part of the function;
Do not install a variety of mobile phones such as 360 guards, Tencent (QQ) Mobile housekeeper, Jinshan mobile guards and security stewards have security software rights management capabilities, to avoid affecting the phone system stability official microblogging: http: // / lbesec
Official forum: http: //
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