LastPass Password Mgr Premium*

LastPass Password Mgr Premium*

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LastPass Password Mgr Premium* Reviews

  • Paul


    Reviewed in BEST Apps...ALL Categories.

    LastPass is amazing. If you don't know about LastPass, I suggest you go to, inform yourself about what it's about and create an account. It's an app for people with a lot of accounts requiring usernames and passwords. To make things easier, a lot of people use the same username and password for all their accounts. This is the worst thing you can do. If a hacker gets a hold of one of your account usernames and password, they now have access to ALL your accounts! LastPass is a feature rich app that saves all your usernames and passwords to different sites in one place, your LastPass Vault. It also has a password generator that will generate random passwords for you and you won't have to remember them because they will be stored in your Vault. Very, very useful app/Windows program/Chrome extension/Firefox extension. Increase your security today, download this app and setup an account!

  • Playboard Team
  • Chris Wright

    Chris Wright

    Reviewed in First Apps

    If you don't use Last Pass you should, on all computers.


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Mobile version of the award-winning LastPass password manager. Fast, easy and simple; securely syncs your passwords across all your browsers and devices. Key Features:

- New! Fill log ins in apps (Android 4.1+), and Chrome (Android 4.3+). Note that auto-fill for apps is only available in Android 4.3 and later, and earlier versions of Android will show copy buttons. **

- New! Fill log ins in InBrowser (Android 4.4+).

- New! Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint reader is supported for biometric authentication.

- Built-in browser that will automatically fill your login information for each of your saved LastPass sites.

- Automatically fill forms on all sites.

- Secure Password Generator.

- Add, update, and delete Sites, Secure Notes and Form Fills.

- Add images and audio recordings to Secure Notes as attachments.

- Perform a complete security check on your vault.

* 14-day free trial, requires $12/year LastPass Premium subscription afterwards (just $1/month!). Included at no additional charge with LastPass Enterprise subscription.

Have any questions about the permissions our app requests? Please see our help desk article at

Version 3.0 has the following new features:

- Completely redesigned UI

- Optimized phone and tablet support

- Improved browser with tabs, downloading, basic auth support

- Field icons make it easier to fill inside the browser

- Improved session handling keeps you logged in (you can change this in preferences)

Note: Due to the way Android implements input methods, if you would like to use LastPass for Android's input method to fill into apps, you must not move the app to the SD card. It will be disabled upon each reboot if you do so.

** Some apps may not interact well with our auto-fill service for various reasons. Fill for those apps can be disabled by selecting Preferences / Edit App Associations, and setting the app to "do not show fill window".