Lemegeton Master Edition

Lemegeton Master Edition

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    Jan 13, 2014

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    Reviewed in Indie Game Selections

    Might seem pricey but well worth it! This title brings the Metroid/Castlevania experience to the mobile platform in spades. The gameplay is smooth and didn't leave me with any frustrations. The Moga controller is also compatible with this game. The graphics are reminiscent of a very clean playstation one platformer and the animations are smooth and fun to watch. I am still playing this one and loving it. If you aren't into paying the full price for master edition there is a free version out there. But as for master edition 5/5! ( i love this game )

  • Jhotay ex (Alo Kito Ondokar)

    Jhotay ex (Alo Kito Ondokar)

    Reviewed in Game you most wanna play

    a good Japanese action rpg game in english