X-Plane 9

X-Plane 9

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X-Plane 9 Reviews

  • FHL09


    Reviewed in Gaming

    How cool would it be to fly a plane, well Laminar Research doesn't trust your flight skills enough to bring a plane to your house but they trust you to fly Virtual Air in this awesome Flight Sim. The controls are easy to pick up & overall a great sim

  • DaKid


    Reviewed in DaApps & Games

    Awesome flight simulator

  • APP小灵通


    Reviewed in 模拟飞行 Free simulate

    大名鼎鼎得模拟飞行软件,可以加驾驶包括喷气机战斗力和直升机在内的十几架飞机。 PS部分飞行器需要付费

  • Chris Ch

    Chris Ch

    Reviewed in Good games

    If you want to see what it's like to pilot a plane, try this arcadey simulator.


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GOT PROBLEMS? CALL OR EMAIL US SO WE CAN GET ENOUGH INFORMATION TO FIX THE PROBLEM! X-Plane is the most flexible and realistic flight simulator on the market for desktop and mobile devices. Using blade element theory for the most powerful and accurate flight model available for personal computers, and earning FAA certification for logging of flight time for pilots, X-Plane is the Gold Standard for accurate flight simulation, offering realism that is unmatched by any other simulator.

This version includes:
- 6 scenery regions included (15 more available for purchase)
- 10 different aircraft of varying types (43 more available for purchase)
- Fly Dawn, Day, Dusk, Night
- Fly in VFR/IFR conditions from clear skies to overcast.
- You control the weather!
- Simulated system failures!
- Bird Strikes!
- Multiplayer over WiFi!
- Installs right to your SD card (Froyo/2.2 support required)

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