CM Browser - Fast & Secure

CM Browser - Fast & Secure

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    Nov 19, 2015

CM Browser - Fast & Secure Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    With the recent flurry of good looking browsers, CM is yet another contender for that coveted spot on your phone. It's a basic, clean browser that doesn't come packed with all the bells and whistles, but does what needs to be done in a stylish manner. I would like the choice of desktop/mobile modes, as well as a couple of other features, but so far it's been speedy, easy to use, and good looking.

  • Paulina Javiera

    Paulina Javiera

    Reviewed in Browser Apps

    Very fast, light weight, secure (it claims, i can't say I tested it with dangerous sites), looks good with the flat UI. The tabs screen is pretty, easy to understand. Not a browser I would recommend for every day use, more like a second browser for doing specific things (porn, the likes, lol), i think it's aimed more to compete with dolphin zero and similars than the "bigger" ones.

  • Daniel Vu

    Daniel Vu

    Reviewed in Tempered Taste

    Favored after trying out Javelin and Atlas Browser.

  • RakTanGal


    Reviewed in My essential apps

    I love this browser. It looks cool, it's fast, it works just the way I want it to, and it is only about two megabytes.

  • Daniel McWain

    Daniel McWain

    Reviewed in Just stuff

    If you don't like using chrome all the time this is a good alternative