Masters Of Light

Masters Of Light

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  • Downloads:
    100 - 500
  • Last update
    Aug 7, 2013


Do you have what it takes to become a Master of Light? Enter the halls of light and puzzle your way through the seven phases of light which contain seven trials. Every trial is a new challenge bringing you to greater and brighter heights. Take the challenge! This is your moment! Become a Master of Light! Overview
This game contains:

- 49 levels known as ‘Trials’ ranging from the incredibly easy to the incredibly difficult. You will be challenged but you will not be disappointed.

- A unique gaming experience where you are in control of the light and everything that it does.

- No preset solutions: solve every level the way you want to solve it - with any clever trick that you can imagine.

- Control many different mirrors, gems and switches to reach your goal.

- A small bonus at the end of the game for those that complete it.

- A wallboard that shows your progress.

App Permissions Explained
Important: This game only requires Internet and Network Permissions for the purpose of app verification and for sending bug reports back to the developers whenever something goes wrong. For you this means less bugs, and faster problem response times. However, you can choose not to send back bug reports by opening the Game, pressing the menu button, going into the Options Menu and turning off the sending of bug reports to us.

Note: There is no free version of this game. It is likely to stay that way because any advertisement-supported version would be too intrusive and ruin the gaming experience. We care deeply that you get the absolute best experience when playing our games.