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A future imgur app that is designed around the Holo guidelines and imgur API attempting to build the fastest possible android app with the most features (eventually!) and best user interface. Non donate version here:

Check out imgur Holo Gallery if you want to try the application without buying for the imgur gallery with no ads!

This app is in BETA. Please don't download if you need a feature not listed in this description or don't mind a lot of bugs while the app is in the rapid development stage. Please report all bugs!

Known bug:
If image is too large the app will crash when going into fullscreen.

An app limited only by the features yet to implement and how fast your phone can connect to imgur's servers.
Gallery - hot, top, user submitted, random images, search, subreddit, memes
Account Settings - make images/albums private and enable/disable messaging
App Settings - dark and light theme, set your default page
Accounts - view other's accounts including their images, favorites, albums and comments.
Favorites - favorite images from your collection and in the gallery for easy access
Messaging - Message other users and reply to their messages
Albums - Add albums and add images to them to share with others!
Images - Share images via intent, copy the image URL in any common format with 2 clicks, download an image to your phone (not support with .gifs yet), edit title and description and publish them to the gallery.
Community - interact with other imgur users on the gallery by commenting and voting. Collapsible comments!
Upload - upload one image, or multiple images at once!

Planned Features:
clear data setting (can do this in android settings)
font size setting
hide votes setting
auto upload images placed in certain folders
save custom subreddits
lock rotation setting
slideshow of albums/gallery
set image as background

Libraries used:

DISCLAIMER: “IMGUR” is a trademark of Imgur LLC and is used here for informational purposes only. imgur Holo is not affiliated with Imgur and has not been reviewed or approved by Imgur LLC