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Control Tasker directly from your Pebble watch. Choose three tasks to activate anytime without taking your phone out of your pocket. Have these tasks change based on Tasker profiles. Want to access navigation tasks while driving, but also have home automation tasks while at home? Need more than three tasks? Chain tasks together or take advantage of the 20-task secondary menu (by holding the middle button). Program PebbleTasker to open up or close based on Tasker events, so that your three tasks are ready to be used as soon as you get in your car or get home.

No constantly running background services required, allowing for great battery life and performance.

REQUIRES TASKER BY CRAFTY APPS. Make sure you have Tasker installed before installing PebbleTasker.
Also requires latest Pebble firmware. Check the firmware inside the Pebble app if you have any issues.

Link to Tasker:

INSTRUCTIONS: Inside Tasker, go to the Preferences menu, and under the Misc tab, make sure "Allow External Access" is enabled.

Tasker must already be installed before installing this app. If PebbleTasker still doesn't work, please uninstall and reinstall the app.

If you're getting a "Loading..." screen that won't go away, you need to update your Pebble's firmware to the latest version. Check inside the Pebble app under the 3-dot menu for the "Check for FW Update" option. If you're running the latest version, restart the watch by pressing the middle button for more than 10 seconds, and toggle the Bluetooth on your phone. That should fix it.

PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE LEAVING A REVIEW IF YOU'RE NOT COMPLETELY HAPPY! I will do my best to try to solve whatever issues you are having so that you can enjoy the app to its full potential!

Changes in 1.4:

New Tasker plugin:
- Now custom tasks are separate from the default ones, allowing one to restore to a default menu with much ease through Tasker.
- You can now open AND close the watch app through Tasker.
- The plugin now shows a more useful description for the specific action.

- New tasks menu! Supports up to 20 tasks. This will be improved as the Pebble API gets more mature. Loading a short menu can be quick, but loading a full 20-task menu may take up to 10 seconds. Press and hold the middle button to activate.
- Tasks can now be renamed for the Pebble's screen.
- Press-and-hold actions for the top and down buttons can now be assigned to separate tasks.
- You can now choose to close the watch app after executing a certain task.
- Ability to close the watch app if it hasn't been used for a while (3 minutes of no data communication).
- Enabled support for populating the Glance Tasker menu with the main three tasks from PebbleTasker. This is useful if you use Glance, but don't want to set up intents through Tasker. This feature is beta!

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