Sliding Messaging Pro

Sliding Messaging Pro

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    10,000 - 50,000
  • Last update
    Jan 1, 2015

Sliding Messaging Pro Reviews

  • Thomas Unterkircher

    Thomas Unterkircher

    Reviewed in A beautiful and improved Android experience

    Fantastic SMS app. Slide between different SMS conversations. Super neat. New updates include both Google Now like card UI and Hangouts UI, which both look really slick. Original stock SMS like UI is also available.

  • Rands Roid

    Rands Roid

    Reviewed in Rands Roid

    Fabulous...never have I felt the need for an android sms replacement until now...try this unique UI

  • Sean Bishop

    Sean Bishop

    Reviewed in Apps I Can't Live Without

    I've probably went through twenty or more SMS apps in the beginning trying to find what I liked and this one can not be beat. Being able to slide through each message thread simply makes this the best. There is a free version to try as well.

  • Filip Rauh

    Filip Rauh

    Reviewed in Android Starter Pack

    Hangouts like replacement for the messaging app

  • Dave Bettner

    Dave Bettner

    Reviewed in The Necessities

    Best text messaging app around. Find my full review at

  • Max Van Houcke

    Max Van Houcke

    Reviewed in Top Apps You Didn't Know About

    The most customisable messaging app in the market. If you buy the theme engine, you can customise almost every aspect of how the app looks. And it works like a charm!

  • Sandra Leal

    Sandra Leal

    Reviewed in Personalization

    This is a messaging app different from the others, if you rather have a neat easy messing app without all the themes and extra stuff this is it, has some customization but very professional look

  • ninjosh97


    Reviewed in Free Holo Delight

    Really the best SMS app. Very intuitive Gesture based UI, as well as themes.

  • Thomas Hunsaker

    Thomas Hunsaker

    Reviewed in DashClock Extensions & Apps

    Sliding Messaging has really set the bar for what an Android app should look like, and what an Android developer should be. Case in point, DashClock support for unread messages was added very quickly after its availability, they listened to users.

  • Stefan van Den Broek

    Stefan van Den Broek

    Reviewed in Best usability and multimedia apps

    Your hangouts or sms app will be futile. This is the new way of sending texts.