KK Launcher (KitKat Launcher)

KK Launcher (KitKat Launcher)

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KK Launcher (KitKat Launcher) Reviews

  • ỆvịL waleed

    ỆvịL waleed

    Reviewed in Best home screen

    Best kitkat launcher

  • Ismail Akkulak

    Ismail Akkulak

    Reviewed in KitKat Launcher

    The best for more functional.

  • Debanka Chanda

    Debanka Chanda

    Reviewed in TT&T(Try,test and tell)

    Stuck on your old android? getting restless for a little kitkat love? I have tried a few(and bulky) launchers that tried to replicate the kitkat look and failed terribly, unless I came across this launcher.Functional,smooth.. you even get the google now with a left swipe (I get Google search anyway).Amd best of all, the dev is improving it consistently.Try it, if you are an android purist.


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KK Launcher, is the most polished, highly customizable KitKat style launcher, Smooth, Rich features, NO AD, Your best choice! "The closest you get to stock Android KitKat. It's amazing how many options this launcher gives" --Kostas
"Really good, seriously the best KitKat launcher on the market ! " --Steven

Q: What is the difference between KK Launcher and Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher ?
A: KK Launcher base on AOSP Android 4.4, while Nova and Apex base on Android 4.0, so the KK's UI and UE is pure KitKat experience and inherit the HUGE improvement from Android 4.4

Q: What is the difference between KK Launcher and Google Now Launcher ?
A: KK Launcher has MANY enancement features and MANY customizable options, supporting Android 4.0+

1. Based on Android 4.4 launcher, support for Android 4.0+ (ICS, JB, KitKat)
2. Support icon theme, compatible with themes that users made for nova launcher, adw launcher, go launcher, apex launcher, etc
3. Translucent status bar and navigation bar (Android4.4 devices, and Galaxy S4, Note2/3, Tab2/3 ,etc )
4. Transparent status bar clone for Android 4.0-4.3
5. Drawer features: Hide app, Create folders, Sort app, Quick A-Z bar
6. Drawer style: Horizontal, Vertical, Vertical with category
7. Support many Desktop and Drawer transition effect
8. Support many gestures and Dock icon gesture
9. Support Unread Counts/Notify (missed call, unread SMS and Gmail)
10. Support edit icon individually
11. UI Size Mode: Small, Medium, Large, Extra large
12. Parallax effect
13. 1*1 widgets on dock
14. Allow swipe right to Google Now (need latest Google Search)
15. Nexus 5 HD wallpapers
16. Highly customizable, many many options:
【Launcher Desktop :】
+ Set desktop grid
+ Set icon size
+ Set icon text size, color; hide icon text
+ Lock desktop option
+ Hide search bar, status bar
+ Hide shadow, indication
+ Infinite scrolling
+ Set default Home Screen to Left, Middle or Right
+ Enable/Disable wallpaper scrolling
+ Theme support: such as Galaxy, iOS 7, Win 8 iconpack
【Launcher Dock :】
+ Multi Dock pages
+ Number of Dock icons
+ Dock icon size
+ Hide Dock
+ Drawer icon position setting
【Launcher Drawer :】
+ Set drawer grid
+ Drawer folder
+ Set icon size
+ Set icon text size, color; hide icon text
+ Background transparent
【Launcher Sidebar:】
+ Quick toggle
+ Favorite apps
+ Recent apps
+ KK Clearner
【Launcher Folder :】
+ Max rows and columns
+ Folder background option
+ Folder preview style
+ Bulk add for folder
+ Icon label size/color option for folder apps
KitKat launcher, AOSP launcher, Android4.4 kit kat theme, KitKat home,
Android 4.4 nexus 5 launcher, GEL launcher, Google Experience Launcher Permissions explaination:
- Directly Call Phone Numbers: only used if you place a direct-dial shortcut on the homescreen
- READ_SMS, READ_CONTACTS, READ_CALL_LOG: used by Unread SMS Counts and Missed Call Counts
- Gmail READ_CONTENT_PROVIDER: used by Gmail Unread Counts
- CAMERA: used by Sidebar--Camera and Flashlight

Email: kkappteam@gmail.com
- KitKat is a registered trademark of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.

If you like KK Launcher (KitKat Launcher), please help to spread KK Launcher, and press g+1 to support KK Launcher development, thanks

We dev features and fix bugs ACTIVELY, release WEEKLY, please email us with detailed info if error, 1 star can not help to improve, thanks

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