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KIDOZ: Discover the Best

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KIDOZ: Discover the Best Reviews

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    Big Mark


    Have kids?? Get this app!!

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    ‫احمد العمودي‬‎

    Reviewed in احمد العمودي لشروحات الاندرويد

    يحول هذا التطبيق هاتفك أو حاسبك اللوحي إلى مكان آمن لطفلك، حيث يقوم تلقائياً وعند الحاجة بعرض التطبيقات المناسبة للطفل فقط ويمنعه من العبث بتطبيقاتك الأخرى أو بإعدادات الجهاز. كما يقدم التطبيق متجر التطبيقات الخاص به الذي يقدم الألعاب والكتب...


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Parents, discover the best new apps, games & videos for your kids
in a completely safe mode, including a powerful parental control “KIDOZ is a must-have Android launcher for families” ~ Top Kids Apps

New: Kidoz protect parents wallet: No in-apps for kids!
Buy KIDOZ Coins for your kids and let your kids use them for the games they really want.

★ Handpicked videos for babies & preschoolers, updated daily.
★ Over 300 online games (HTML 5) no install needed- just click and play.
★ Learning & educational apps & games for kids (Up to 12)
★ Safe Browser for kids
★ Child lock (Kids launcher)
★ Parental control over content and device functions.
★ Child-friendly camera and photo gallery
★ Multiple child accounts
★ Ad blocker

Pro Features
★ Password protected child lock
★ Set time limit foreach kid
★ Full parental control over video channels, games and websites
★ NEW: Create dedicated video channels for your kid

Parents Love KIDOZ

“Very good With content tailored by age and restricting what you want. PERFECT.”
~Rafael Machuca Pérez

I love this app for my Son My son is almost 3 and he loves using this app. It is easy for him to navigate, and safe, since I chose what he can, and can't see. More importantly all my other apps are safe from his tap happy fingers. I can rest assured he wont change the language of my phone or any other settings.s I like that the app automatically detects child appropriate apps when new ones are downloaded, and adds them to the list of available apps.
~ Eric Garcia

I tried many parent watch apps and this was the best one. I actually paid for the full version and I'm not one that spends money on apps at all
~ Melissa Ruther

Best app ever! I love this app so much.. I am only 10 but I still love watching my favorite episodes of phineas and ferb. Good luck charlie too.:-) :-) :-) I wish I could give this app more than five stars....:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
~ Muhammad Ameen Sheikh ״Superb Flawless integration with Nexus 7״ ~ Peter McConnel
״After using zoodles, famigo and kids place I finally found this app. AMAZING״ ~ Sarah Boyd
״Absolutely phenomenal My ten year old son loves this app as do I, because he can click that link and he has his own kid friendly (away from moms stuff) kid appropriate interface! He still has access to the games which we both play lol but there is tons more! Mom and dad’s stuff stays safe, no accidentally deleting that important number, them listening to music or watching movies and seeing anything not meant for kids! Really its great!״ ~ Pepper Atkins

Guaranteed Approved Child Safe Content

KIDOZ Apps: Learning and educational apps and games for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids, including: Read & Play Story Books, Color & Draw art apps, Kids Memory games, Fun Running and Racing games, Picture Book Cars, Animal Puzzles for Kids, Coloring pages, Word Search for Kids, Counting & Addition Games, kids doodle, Kids Touch Music, Animal Sounds games, Odd One Out, Find the Difference game, Letter and Word games and more.

KIDOZ Browser comes preloaded with tons of popular and great kids’ websites, including PBS, Sesame Street, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, Disney, Scholastic Books, National Geographic for Kids and more.

KIDOZ TV offers YouTube videos for kids & babies: including kids songs, Phineas and Ferb, Sesame Street, Moshi Monsters, Barney, Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam, Dora, The Muppets, Barbie, Tutitu, Rabbids and more.