Trip Organizer - Lite

Trip Organizer - Lite

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Trip Organizer™ is the all-in-one application to help you plan the perfect trip abroad! With this application, world travelers are able to stay ready, rather than having to get ready. This application is powered by the experts at Netglobers and Europ Assistance. More than 150 countries covered!

Before your trip, get organized
- To-do function: a catalog of personal assistance check lists
# Packing lists and personal information
# Mandatory and recommended vaccines
# Medical kit information
# Official documents and records
# Insurance information
# Travelers no longer need to create their own entries. Trip Organizer does it for you!

Once you arrive, hit the ground running!
- Local events information
- Useful numbers: police, fire, medical emergencies, embassies
- Phrasebook (10 different languages )
- Currency converter (34+ currencies supported and updated daily)
- Weather and time zone for all local cities
- Stored information for offline use in airplanes or areas with roaming fees
Protect yourself!
- Purchase travel insurance or identity theft protection for your trip through this application

Becoming a Netglobers member on Trip Organizer Give you access to:
- vaccine information, "Don’t Forget" user generated lists and medical kit sections to complete for travel planning anywhere, anytime.
- This version includes Phrasebook
All information are available for these continents: Africa, Oceania, South America, Europe

Specific content for Full version:
- The full version provides Metro Maps around the world, “Dos & Don’ts” videos clips and allows to save your important papers such as Passport, Identity Card, Visas…
- Access to all the continents

Trip Organizer™ helps you get the most out of your time abroad.