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Listen to your music with SoundSeeder and connect additional Android devices as wireless speakers (similar to Group Play).
All connected devices play your song in sync as one large sound system. SoundSeeder is BETA software! Please help us improve SoundSeeder by reporting bugs, error descriptions and suggestion to

Run SoundSeeder Music Player on your device and install the SoundSeeder Speaker ( additionally on any device (beginning with Android 2.2) you want to connect.

• Stream and spread your music at home or on your party to multiple devices in different rooms. (Multi Room Soundsystem)
• Connect your Phones via Wi-Fi Direct or Androids portable Hotspot and share your music with SoundSeeder wherever you want.
• Similar to Samsung Group Play - Share Music™
• "Google Play Music" support. (Might break with a future update of Google Music!)
• Streaming of Online Radio and Audio Files via HTTP
• "Simple Last.FM Scrobbler" support (

In the free demo mode you can connect two Speakers for up to 15 minutes, as often as you want to.
To connect SoundSeeder to more devices simultaneously or for longer than 15 minutes you have to upgrade the SoundSeeder Player via an InApp purchase.

Supported Media Formats
- mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, 3gp, ogg, flac

Known issues:
1) Some Android devices (like Nexus 4) have trouble with their wi-fi connection when the device enters the suspend mode:

If your connection is lost, when your device suspends, try the following options:
- Go to settings and set option "Stay awake" to avoid standby mode
- In your Wi-Fi settings set "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" to "Always"
- In your Wi-Fi settings deactivate "Wi-Fi optimization"
- Connect your device to the power adapter while using SoundSeeder to prevent standby mode

2) The automatic discovery of SoundSeeder Speakers / Players does not work on some devices, while they are suspended:
- Activate the screen to wake up the device and restart the device search.

3) The playback of SoundSeeder is asynchronous or lacking:
- Check the Wi-Fi signal strength and traffic load. A dedicated portable HotSpot or WiFi direct might result in a better performance.
- Pause and restart the playback of the SoundSeeder Music Player to sync the playback

4) Playback via Bluetooth Speakers is not in sync:
Bluetooth speakers add a delay of 50ms-200ms to your music. This delay can vary, each time you start the playback. Therefore a synchronized playback via bluetooth speakers is not granted!

If you have any questions or problems with SoundSeeder please send us a short description of your problem, the model name of the affected android device and the installed android version to
or visit us at

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