Fuelio: Fuel log & costs

Fuelio: Fuel log & costs

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Fuel log and mileage tracking app for Android. Track your fill-ups, fuel consumption, fuel costs and save money. FEATURE LIST:
- Easy and clean design
- Mileage log (track your fill-ups, costs, fuel economy, partial fillups, gps location)
- Multiple vehicles
- Useful statistics (total statistics, fill-ups, costs, average, fuel economy stats)
- Distance unit: kilometres, miles
- Fuel unit: litres, us gallons, imperial gallons
- Import/Export to SD
- Show your fill-ups on Google Map
- Charts (fuel consumption, fuel costs, monthly costs...)
- Dropbox Backup (PRO only)
- Google Drive Backup (PRO only)

Dropbox Sync (official API)
Auto-sync with Dropbox (while adding fill-ups or costs)
Google Drive Backup (official APIv2)
Auto-sync with Google Drive (while adding fill-ups or costs)
Shortcut (widget) for faster fill-ups adding
Costs module you can track other expenses of your car (not only fuel)
Cost stats - you can define your own category (like service, maintenance, insurance, wash, parking...)
Summary and each category stats
Cost charts (fuel vs other costs, categories, total montly costs)
Donation to author :)

Official site: http://fuel.io

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