Flyne. The Offline Reader.

Flyne. The Offline Reader.

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Flyne. The Offline Reader. Reviews

  • Pavel L.

    Pavel L.

    Reviewed in Best Social Apps for Everyone

    This one is intriguing... Not directly a social app, more "social discovery" type but... get your Twitter, news and other feed while being offline?! WHAT? Yes, and honestly I'm not entirely sure how it works, but it does. Gorgeous app, with only one bad side - in app purchases. And in this case I'd say they are necessary and worth it. Spend 3$ inside the app to get access to all the feed that it offers without needing internet? Yeah, I'll take one of those.

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Nov 9th 2013

    zoso59brst: Beautiful new offline newsreader from the developer of Falcon Pro. It is a great experience top to bottom and is good enough to make me leave gReader.

  • Vinoth Kumar

    Vinoth Kumar

    Reviewed in Ez Apps & Games 💡

    Best offline reader

  • Rohan Shankar

    Rohan Shankar

    Reviewed in Essential Apps & Games

    Even though this app is still in beta, it's a quality app in terms of looks and functionality! Read off the latest feeds!

  • Erich Jansen

    Erich Jansen

    Reviewed in Useful and/or Fun

    My new favorite news reader. It is free but you can pay $.99 and pick up feedly support. The main benefit here being that you can trash that shitty Feedly app or Press if more useless than Feedly was the route you chose.

  • Max Van Houcke

    Max Van Houcke

    Reviewed in Top Apps You Didn't Know About

    A reader app made by the developer of one of the most used twitter apps Falcon Pro. This reader can handle RSS feeds, your Twitter timeline and other well-known feeds.

  • Douglas Goh

    Douglas Goh

    Reviewed in DG's Top Android Applications

    There are A LOT of RSS Readers out there. And ever since Google Reader died, a lot more came out to make use of the hole. But which is the best? Sorry but, I don't have the answer. I use whichever app I find easiest to use, without much hassle, and just provides me the news I wanted and needed. Enter Flyne. It pre-loads the contents so you can read them even when you're offline. It stylizes your news into good-looking, well-spaced articles. It categorizes your articles into Gaming, Technology, and so much more. And it looks beautiful while it does all that. From the creator of Falcon Pro, which is undoubtedly one of the best Twitter app if not for the Token problems, Flyne is at the very least worth-to-try.


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Introducing Flyne, a fast, fresh and simple way to stay up to date with your favourite News sources. Flyne uses Twitter Lists and Feedly categories to provide you with news on real time from the most famous blogs, to your most trusted friends.

Flyne fetches FULL Articles from Twitter for offline viewing, and displays it in a clean, mobile friendly format.

Flyne presents articles in a gorgeous, mobile friendly way, allowing you to flick through titles and full screen pictures for the best reading experience, no matter your current internet connection.

Enjoy the preloaded Popular lists for FREE to try it for yourself.

The in app purchases allows you to use your personalise the news sources and unlocks the full potential of Flyne:

* Login with your Twitter account
* Login with your Feedly account
* Get your own feeds as beautiful, offline magazines

Wherever you go, Flyne never lets you down.

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