Journal (by Journey)

Journal (by Journey)

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  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Journal is yet another great writing app by the devs who brought you Jotterpad X. Geotag your journal entries, add photos and tags, and find daily inspiration. Journal's great for the aspiring writer and/or navel gazer. It also has a calm, understated design, which I appreciate.

  • Thomas Unterkircher

    Thomas Unterkircher

    Reviewed in A beautiful and improved Android experience

    Beautiful journal app. Elements of Material Design, add pictures, places, tags, weather, means of transportation to your logs. Markdown support.

  • Pawel Orzechowski

    Pawel Orzechowski

    Reviewed in Mindfulness and well-being apps

    Another app for keeping notes.


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# Journal App with a Human Touch Capture life moments, from everyday thoughts to useful travel logs, Journey helps you to rediscover the joy of journal writing through the warmth and humanity of the interface. Journey presents your life beautifully in calendar, photo and atlas view, allowing you to revisit the greatest moments of your journey anytime, anywhere.

Favourite Web Award (FWA) Mobile of the Day, 20 Sept '14
From the creator of the award winning JotterPad
"Looks good. Wish I had it for my visit to London" -- Matias Duarte

## Superior journal / diary writing experience
- Undo / Redo
- Forward / Backward cursor
- Markdown shortcuts (In-app Purchase)
- Word and character count
- Create photo / video entry
- Keyboard Shortcuts (e.g. CRTL+Z for undo)
- Night Mode (In-app Purchase)
- Exclusive fonts Verlag (Hoefler&Co.), Novel Sans (Atlas Font Foundry)
- Supports RTL (Any-RTL is unavailable for viewing)
- Ad free

## Innovative features
- Sync across devices with Google Drive using In-app data
- Swipe between entries for easy reading
- Markdown preview
- Automatically tracks weather using OpenWeather service, temperature, location and motion activities (Requires GPS and network connection)
- Manual geotag or tag specific location with Google Places
- Passcode
- Reminder
- Daily Inspirations
- Quick add widget
- Publish to Tumblr
- Android wear / watch app
- Chrome app

## Organisation
- Search by keyword
- Create tags
- Browse entries by journey, list, calendar, photo or atlas

## Share and backup
- Import from Diaro (.zip), Evernote (.enex) and Day One
- Backup entire journal to local storage (In-app Purchase)
- Cloud print and print to PDF (Requires Android 4.4) (In-app Purchase to remove watermark)
- Share as plain text, html, text + photo and zip

For daily journal / diary inspirations, follow us on Twitter @myjourneyapp

### Support
Chrome App:
Help Desk:

### Note
1. Requires login to Google account
2. Syncing to Google Drive is a free feature
3. Download Chrome app to view entries from desktop
4. No real-time syncing. Do not edit entry from devices simultaneously
5. Please turn on GPS. Location cannot be tagged without GPS due to privacy issue
6. Journey uses OpenWeather service
7. Day One Import: (Import at your own risk)