Exodus Live Wallpaper

Exodus Live Wallpaper

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    Feb 17, 2012


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A mass of blocks flips and fades across your home screen! Swipe the screen and watch as the mass changes direction and more blocks fade in! Features:
+ Many options to determine how blocks flip, fade in or out, and what direction they travel!
+ Change how many blocks you want and how their sizes vary!
+ Control colors, lighting, and viewpoint positioning!
+ Choose from several built-in themes to see a variety of configurations!
+ Take screen shots of your creations and share them with your friends!
+ Use the Randomize feature to come up with an infinite number of new themes!

* To enable more configuration features and save your themes, download Exodus Pro!

If you like to change settings a lot, be sure to add the Exodus settings widget to your home screen (Home > Menu > Add > Widgets > Exodus).

SD card permission required for screenshot saving.

"Move to SD card" is enabled on Froyo (2.2) and up. Please note that if you use this feature for any live wallpaper, it will be disabled if you reboot or unmount your SD card. In this case, you will have to reselect Exodus for your live wallpaper. Widgets will also be disabled if you move to SD card.

Please note: Users of the following devices may experience crashes due to a graphics driver conflict. We are looking into the issue. If you have one of these and would like to help improve compatibility, please contact us!

MSM7227 600 MHz (ARMv6)
- Alcatel OT-990
- Coolpad W706.
- Garmin & Asus M10
- HTC Legend
- HTC Wildfire S
- Huawei Pocket WiFi S II S41HW
- Huawei Ideos X3
- Huawei Sonic U8650
- LG Optimus One P500 GSM
- LG Optimus Chic
- LG Optimus Me
- LG Optimus chat L-04C
- Mytouch 3G Slide
- Samsung Galaxy Europa
- Samsung Galaxy Fit
- Samsung Galaxy Mini
- Samsung Galaxy 551
- Sony Ericsson Xperia (All)
- ZTE Blade

MSM7227 Turbo 800 MHz (ARMv6)
- Coolpad 7260.
- HTC ChaCha
- HTC Salsa
- Huawei smart bar S42HW
- LG Optimus Hub
- LG Optimus Net
- Odys Space
- Samsung Galaxy Ace
- Samsung Galaxy Gio
- ZTE Skate

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