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    500,000 - 1,000,000
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    Jan 8, 2014


  • Binary Pie

    Binary Pie

    Reviewed in BPie Review

    Juego de preguntas con gran humor y una gran cantidad de preguntas, amo/odio al presentador según haga una broma graciosa o se meta contigo por fallar, pero aún asi ¡Hasta los perdedores tienen premio! *necesario nivel de inglés

  • Joseph Long

    Joseph Long

    Reviewed in Best Free Android Games and Apps

    Great Trivia game and humorous. How else would you learn what looney tunes character miners would take down to the mines to test for poisonous gas?

  • Androfox


    Reviewed in Games worth playing

    Unplayable for non-native Americans (what is an American cereal?! I don't know?) . Still the ironically classic from days ago.

  • Androidgamecheck


    Reviewed in Androidgameckeck

    The epic quizgame with the hyperactive quizmaster jack Inside of it is finally available on Android: + Quiz presentation in its perfection +Against real humans +Funny quizmaster -Only one free round per day - Only in english available

  • Raymond Johnson

    Raymond Johnson

    Reviewed in Best games on Android

    Best trivia game out there

  • ^^4!!3c|@


    Reviewed in Hot 'n' New Awesome Games

    needs dual core awesome adult trivia hit in US


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YOU DON’T KNOW JACK is now totally FREE to play! Download the SPIKE TV Video Game Awards' “Social Game of the Year” to your Android phone or tablet.

This free-to-play mobile version includes hundreds of full episodes of everybody’s favorite quiz show trivia game, with new, topical episodes added every week! And with our new upgrade, ALL episodes are completely free to play – no tokens needed! All told, more than 300 regular, themed, and special guest episodes are available right now.

“It doesn't feel like a game made for a tablet. It feels like tablets were made for this game.” -

We've brought back many of your favorite question types, the DisOrDat, the Gibberish Question and the Jack Attack, along with new specialty questions such as Funky Trash, Cookie’s Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie “Fortune Cookie” Masterson, and "Elephant Mustard, Teddy Roosevelt, or Dracula?!"

To succeed at YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, you've got to be smart and you've got to be quick. Are you up for the challenge?

Free-to-play mobile highlights:

- Play against friends, enemies, or random strangers!

- Unlock fake sponsors and commercials!

- Earn special achievements and more!

- It’s FREE!