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  • Jon


    Reviewed in True HD Apps

    Nice sharp icons and an easy interface. Now if only I had a use for it...


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Jelly is a better way to ask a question with photos, maps, friends, and more. It's also people helping each other—something that's both meaningful and fun.


- Ask questions with images, maps, and locations to deepen the context. Crop, reframe, zoom, and draw on your images to get more specific.

- Answer map questions by dropping a pin for a specific location. Answer photo questions by drawing them. Answer any question by attaching a link.

- Jelly routes questions using your existing social network connections and location.

- Questions can be forwarded outside the app so your friends who don't have Jelly can still help. It feels good to help!

- Collect Thank You cards for helping others.

*Currently supporting devices running Android 4.0+

**Jelly requests permission to use your device location to help route questions and answers

**If you would like to help test new Jelly features join our Android beta: