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SoftKeyZ Root

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    Feb 23, 2015

SoftKeyZ Root Reviews

  • Eli Kidder

    Eli Kidder

    Reviewed in Top apps

    SoftKeyZ has to be my FAVORITE root app. Basically, if you are on a nexus 7 (just as an example), it allows you to change the button styles and colours. (Back, home, windows) best customization app!

  • Androfox


    Reviewed in My favorite root apps

    Lets you change your softbuttons!

  • Staz


    Reviewed in Weekly Top Apps

    Awesome app for ROOTED devices. Yes! you need to be ROOTED to use this app, sorry for those who didn't root their devices. Well this app simply allows you to change your phone/tablet navigation bar style. The App comes with a bunch of theme from which you can choose, and if it's still not enough you can still download other theme within the app. Make your android device look the way you want it. Give this app a try!

  • Jordan Mattison

    Jordan Mattison

    Reviewed in All great apps & games.

    The stock soft keys that are on your device aren't that great to look at, why not change it up to suit your style. Customize your soft keys to make your own unique device.


This application will let you change the Softkeys / Navigation Buttons fast and easily on your rooted Android device. This root app comes with more than 150+ different softkeys to choose from and the growing online database proivides even more user-submitted ones. If you got some navigation buttons you would like to see in this app just upload them to the gallery. Until I've added them, you can just use the import feature for these soft keys. This application needs root and "busybox" to be installed on non-nexus ROMs. This app will NOT overwrite your applied themes, or enable the navigation buttons on devices without them. known problems:
-Sometimes your wallpaper can reset itself.
-The app is not compatible with most non-AOSP based ROMs
-Especially not working on the LG G3/G2.

-works great on Nexus devices and most Motorola devices!

WARNING: This app modifies system files and should only be used with a flashable backup of your current ROM on your device. The developer is not responsible for any damages.