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Conjure - Search & Launch

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Conjure - Search & Launch Reviews

  • Thomas Unterkircher

    Thomas Unterkircher

    Reviewed in A beautiful and improved Android experience

    An old favorite of mine. Open this by using the Google Now gesture or a link in the status bar, enter the app name and open an app. Much faster than the similar Quad Drawer app. It doesn't look as pretty but does what is supposed to do. The new version records your usage patterns and places those apps at the top of the suggestions list which you often use at a specific time.

  • Arrioch


    Reviewed in Hidden Gems

    Similar to Launchy on desktop PCs, with Conjure you can launch any app just by typing it's name (or initials), or call and text contacts, run Tasker tasks, toggle system settings, adjust volume, and much more, very fast and very useful.

  • René Schell N Berg
  • Johannes Seppänen

    Johannes Seppänen

    Reviewed in My Apps

    Fast and simple


Conjure is the fastest, smartest launcher for Android. Use it to open apps, make calls, toggle wifi, adjust volume, create calendar events, and much more. Search results are prioritized according to use so your favorite apps and contacts are always a keystroke away. Start typing and watch the magic happen. Features:
* Find apps by name. Launch app or open app settings
* Find contacts by name or number. Call, view, or sms contacts
* Tasker integration: if you have the Tasker app installed, find and run Tasker tasks by name
* Smart History: Conjure learns how you use it and begins suggesting actions before you even type
* Adjust Android's volume
* Toggle wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode, silent mode, and vibrate mode
* Make your device speak using text to speech
* Search the web
* Conjure results are prioritized by frequency of use
* Devices with a search button: Long pressing the search button opens Conjure
* Optional system tray notification for easy launching
* Optimized for phones and tablets
* Conjure Search Widget
* Conjure Search & History Widget
* Search your calendar by event title, date, or date range
* Create calendar events using natural language (English only for now). Simply describe an event in plain English and watch as Conjure understands what you type. For example: "lunch tomorrow @ 3pm".

Android 4.1+ Features:
* Open Conjure with the Google Now swipe gesture

Conjure is not a home screen replacement. Instead, Conjure complements your existing home screen by providing the quickest app launching experience possible.

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