NEW SD CARD Storage Optimizer

NEW SD CARD Storage Optimizer

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Quickly identify space consuming files and folders and cleanup storage space within minutes if not in seconds!
Key strengths of this app: "Detailed Storage Reports"
Now with "Google Drive", "SkyDrive" and "Box" Cloud Storage support. "Multi-file" Upload and Download to "Google Drive" , "SkyDrive" and "Box" Cloud Storage. Files can be compressed while uploading to Cloud. Dropbox support available in pro version.
Customer reviews:
Exactly what I needed!!!
I had installed a bit torrent program and couldn't remove the files Which filled my memory. Seconds later I had gone from 100 megabytes of available space to 6 gigs
TO poor SD CARD!!! I WASTED 2 DAYS looking at OTHERS==(★&GREAT ui...devs!!! ★★☆★★
My SD Card was at 98% full. I used this and deleated unused files I didnt know I had. I got my SD Card down to 59% full im IMPRESSED!!!
Well written
Once again over the years I've tried several things with several phones like the rest of you this is stable does what I want with ease. I don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Samsung galaxy 2tmobile
A definite must have! I had this app less than 24 hes and was able to gain 500mb on my sd card by finding duplicate files.
Important note: READ_PNONE_STATE permission is for to pause music player upon incoming call.
File Explorer, Storage Reports, Storage Widget, Jukebox, Bookmark manager, FTP Manager, Network statistics, Password Vault.
SD CARD Storage Optimizer allows you to browse files in SD card, generate storage reports, clean up duplicates files and folders in the SD card, and optimize SD card storage by compressing large files and folders.
Other features include SD Card Widget, FTP Manager to upload/download files between remote machine and your Android device, Jukebox to play music in background, backup application packages, App specific network statistics, bookmark manager to quickly access important files, and Password Vault to manage passwords.
Supported action::
- Multi file delete
- Compress/Uncompress
- Tar/Untar
- Encrypt/Decrypt
- Extract RAR files
- Install Android Application packages
- Multi file Copy/Paste
- Image Viewer
- Media player
- Change ringtone
- Mail
- Create new folder
- View file content in web browser
Independent reviews:
FAQ: 1) How to find duplicate files?

From “Storage Reports”, select “File list Sorted by Size” Report to get list of files sorted by size. Duplicate files usually appear next to each other.

2) Does not encrypt as stated.
Encryption creates NEW file with .enc extension. Unencrypted original file is left as it is. You have to delete original unencrypted file after encrypting the file.
Example: Original file name: abc.txt, after encryption abc.txt.enc is created. After this you will see both abc.txt and abc.txt.enc files.
You have to delete abc.txt after successful encryption. Un-encrypting abc.txt.enc file recreates abc.txt.
Note: You must remember the password to decrypt the file.
3) After compressing a file/folder storage space size increased!

Compressing a file or folder creates compressed file with .zip extension. You have to delete the folder or file manually after compression to free up space.
Example : Compressing folder name foo creates You have to manually delete foo folder to free up space. You can uncompress to recreate foo folder.

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