Jotter (For Galaxy Note)

Jotter (For Galaxy Note)

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Jotter (For Galaxy Note) Reviews

  • Kritin Kapoor

    Kritin Kapoor

    Reviewed in Best S Pen Apps

    This is any normal note taking app with a unique feature that you can rest your palm on the screen to write comfortably and the app will ignore those touches. Hence only the S-Pen input will be recognised. Very handy and keeps everything neat!


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NOTE: Made for Galaxy Note with S-Pen.

Take advantage of Jotter's (optional) 100% palm reject and write naturally. You will be able to rest your hand on your screen the way you naturally do with paper.

VISUAL SEARCH: Easily navigate between pages of a notebook using the page preview and navigation feature.

Pinch, zoom and two-finger scrolling while maintaining palm rejection functionality.

Clone pages.

Drag and drop page re-ordering.

Add images to notes from phone gallery or camera.

Notebook-linked widgets.

Create PDF files from hand-written notebooks.

Easily upload notebooks as PDFs to Google Docs (free Google Docs app must be installed).

Strong encryption ensures that your thoughts and drawing stay private.

Optionally disable the back button while writing to make it even easier to rest your hand on the screen without being kicked out of the application.

Landscape mode makes it easy to write without accidentally hitting any of the capacitive touch buttons, especially with the AT&T Galaxy Note with 4 capacitive buttons. Capacitive buttons can be orientated to the right or left of the phone.

Choose from one of several background colors. Background colors are unique to each notebook and can be changed anytime.

Share notebook pages with Facebook, GMail, Evernote, Cloud Print, Google Docs, SocialHub and more.

Add and remove background lines anytime. Export notebook pages with or without background lines.

When the diary background type is selected for a notebook, now pages have the current date and time inserted. Date and time can be erased with the eraser tool.

Pressure-sensitive writing and drawing.

Left-handed writing compatibility mode.

Jotter keeps backups of all notes; one for the last 2 hours, one for the last 1 day, one for the last 1 week and one for the last 1 month.

Ability to change/specify Jotter's storage root folder. Save your notebooks in an external SD card if you want.

Jotter's forum is at

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