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Pocket Avatars

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    Mar 18, 2015


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Pocket Avatars is a fun messaging app with a creative new way to message your friends! Send expressive messages with characters that mirror your face and voice. Choose a character, create a funny message, and send it to your friends! You can also send voice messages, text, and pictures too! Pocket Avatars by Intel® is a new chat app that utilizes cutting edge facial tracking algorithms to render your expressions & voice onto an array of fun-loving avatars. Chatting with friends has never been more fun. You can also post Avatar Messages to your favorite social media sites, text or email them too.

How many times have you written ‘lol,’ ‘haha,’ or
‘rofl’ without even cracking a smile? With Pocket
Avatars silly, quirky, adorably characters, all of
your messages are way more fun.
Don’t just chat, Chat Funner!

- Dozens of fun & quirky avatars ready for download with more arriving regularly
- Record & send avatar, text, picture and voice messages for FREE
- Post avatar messages to social media or text/email them
- Auto sync your address book to find other Pocket Avatars users
- Accept or block contacts. You’re in control.
- Save your favorite avatar messages to your gallery so you can send them again and again
- Push notifications let you know when new messages arrive
- Got a message that you love, but want it to be just a bit different? Re-skin your message with a different avatar or modulate your voice to be high or low before sending it