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Sorcery! Reviews

  • Pablo Haro

    Pablo Haro

    Reviewed in Point and click adventures

    Sorcery is an interesting take on ye olde Choose Your Own Adventure and tabletop RPG-style gaming. It's presented as a textual narrative, but your player is represented as a miniature figurine. Combat is turn-based and stat driven, but you'll also have to pay attention to the constantly-updating text, which makes Sorcery more immersive than most RPGs (where combat and story are kept notably separate). There's a lot of talent on display here, which is likely why it's done well on iOS. Unfortunately this is only one (expensive) episode of a larger story - the developer says later episodes are forthcoming.

  • Ionut Ivanciu

    Ionut Ivanciu

    Reviewed in Be Aware! Best Games on Android

    Sorcery! ? This is one of the best story-based games i ever played, you need to make a lot of choices in the game and these choices will decide your future, the gameplay is so intuitive and fun, everyone needs to try this.

  • damodarreddy challa

    damodarreddy challa

    Reviewed in artistic and useful apps and games for pleasance

    i dont like rubbish and so called modern and pointless games in which our aim is just gaining some gems or keep on running etc.but this game is entirely differant and filled with story and art

  • Chris louthan

    Chris louthan

    Reviewed in New and Trending games.

    One of my new favorites.