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No more searching for pencil and paper, and no more math. Score It makes keeping score for card, dice, domino, or other games easy. Choose from a number of predefined games, or create your own scoring rules[*]. Game Play Features:

- Continue where you left off
- Track the current dealer
- Show in-game player rankings[*]
- Restart a game
- Edit scores already entered[*]
- Save a history of completed games
- Easily replay a completed game with the same players
- End a game before it is completed
- Delete current or completed games
- Backup/restore[*] current and completed games
- View game history statistics by player, game, and/or game type[*]

Game Definition Features:

- Player and round-based scoring
- Bidding
- Multiple score parts
- Points or round-based end game
- Allow negative scores
- User-modifiable end game
- High or low score wins
- Continue to current or first player at end
- Copy and modify an existing game definition[*]
- Delete user-defined game definitions[*]
- Backup/restore user-defined game definitions[*]

[*] - Features found online in the full version

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