Rage Faces

Rage Faces

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    Dec 17, 2013


This app allows you to send rage faces to your friends, families and enemies.
Do you know a language other than English? Help me localize this app for other languages!

Is there a face missing that you absolutely need? Email me and ask for it!

Dev note: I'll fix bugs when I feel like it. Problem? If you want to get a hold of me via reddit, my username is rkcr.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are having an issue with the app, PLEASE EMAIL ME! It's difficult to diagnose issues if all you do is leave a comment.

Explanation of permissions:

Internet - Used for crash tracking only. (You can verify yourself; the app is open source: https://github.com/dlew/android-ragefaces)

Write external storage - Used to share files with other apps on the device.