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    Aug 27, 2015

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  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    A good looking app for when you really feel like procrastinating.

  • Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Reviewed in The best Apps and Games - Daily Update

    Great collection center for all kinds of images, videos and texts that you want to save temporaly! Later you can choose the files from a nice list to read or watch it (partially also offline)! P.S.: A premium-version is via an In-App purchase also available! Also optimized for tablets!

  • Vasilis K.

    Vasilis K.

    Reviewed in Best AD-FREE, free apps & games!

    Save web articles, videos, pictures and almost everything, for later offline viewing, from your phone or pc everywhere!

  • Tom Greaves

    Tom Greaves

    Reviewed in Apps for Creatives, Designers + Makers

    This app is a dream for anyone who finds a lot of interesting stuff online in their cyber travels, but doesn't always have time to read everything or absorb it all; Throw it in your Pocket. I use it to keep track of all the good sites/pages/links I find, a bit like bookmarks but way better.

  • Thomas Unterkircher

    Thomas Unterkircher

    Reviewed in A beautiful and improved Android experience

    Absolutely essential. Makes it easy to save articles from any webpage and makes them available offline in an easy to read format. The new update makes it easy to share articles between friends. The app I use the most.

  • Jamie Davies

    Jamie Davies

    Reviewed in Long Lasting Apps & Games

    Save a Web page on your phone, read or print it from your laptop and vice versa. Essential.

  • Paulina Javiera

    Paulina Javiera

    Reviewed in Chosen Ones

    Using this since it was called Read It Later, I've never stopped using it. Coupled with a browser extension is the ultimate app, I use it on a daily basis, since I read something everyday. Synced this with Google Calendar so it shows when I archived an article.

  • Naga Girisa Nandan

    Naga Girisa Nandan

    Reviewed in Intresting apps and games

    To save lots of web pages instead of bookmarking. For the offline usage have to download those web pages simply