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  • Adam Tomkins

    Adam Tomkins

    Reviewed in Anything awesome

    This is an app I've found useful for a while now as it allows you to save and install apk's and other formats onto your device from the web browser. The normal package installer cannot handle some apk's from elsewhere but this is the answer.


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Previously you might have encountered the "Content not support" error message while trying to download APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC, XLS or other files. With Download All Files you will be able to download these files to your device. This app works like a browser plugin and enables you to download all file types and allows you to save them easily to your SD card.

Additionally you will be able to save all your Gmail attachments.

This is free ad-supported version of Download All Files. If you like it, check out the ad-free Download All Files PRO.

*It does NOT work for streaming videos like YouTube because of Google policy.


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