Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

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    500,000 - 1,000,000
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    Oct 29, 2014

Humble Bundle Reviews

  • Fred Iles

    Fred Iles

    Reviewed in Stuff Fred likes

    Big fan of the bundles, and the app is Getting better all the time. Would be good if you could buy the android bundles in app

  • Jaden Pleasants

    Jaden Pleasants

    Reviewed in Perfection weekly


  • AndroidPolice


    Reviewed in 18 New Android Apps (9/10/13-9/23/13)

    This official Humble app lets you see your Humble library and download games directly to your Android device.

  • Gareth Morris

    Gareth Morris

    Reviewed in Padfone 2 (Apps & Games)

    Hybrid - Google Play free/install. This app is pretty much like Steam for Android games if you've been contributing to Humble Bundle when they have their Android games on, also their store has a range of Android games which you can download via this app directly to your device without the hassle of copying it from a PC.

  • Varna Sri Raman

    Varna Sri Raman

    Reviewed in Google Nexus Picks

    Simple implementation to see and buy the latest humble bundle (indie game) offering.

  • Endzeitkind


    Reviewed in Android Spotlight!

    Alternative app store if you bought android games on - if you love indie games you'll probably one this one.

  • Rune Jensen

    Rune Jensen

    Reviewed in Essentials for newbies

    If you are looking to get games for your new Android, you should consider using Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle is a charity service, where you can pay what you want for various bundles of games - here among Android games. You use this app to download and install the apps you've bought there. You can save a lot and try many games you otherwise wouldn't have.


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The Humble Bundle app is an easy way to install and update your games purchased through Humble Bundle. It can also send you (configurable) notifications about upcoming bundles so you don't miss another one!