hoozin fun group chat & games

hoozin fun group chat & games

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Hoozin is a mobile hangout – a cool group space where you can chat, play games and just have fun with your friends. With hoozin you can see your friends just like sitting around a table, play fun casual games, send messages to your friends and use hoozin’s cool animations to show what you really think about them.

Hoozin is the perfect place to have fun with your friends anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.

☆☆☆ FEATURES ☆☆☆
 GROUP CHAT LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE – A brand new way to get together feels like your favorite hangout.
 COOL GAMES – spin the bottle and more to come soon.


 FUN ANIMATIONS –throw a tomato, blow a kiss and much more to someone from your group.

 SEND PRIVATE MESSAGES - like Whisper a secret to a friend!

 SHARE PICTURES – don't just chat, show! Share images with your groups.

 GROUP VOTE - Want to know who is in for a drink? Send a vote and see who coming and who is bumming.

 NO NEED TO SERACH FOR BUDDIES – who's in? Your phone contacts! Hoozin will check who from your contacts is already in. Facebook and twitter integration are soon to come as well.

 CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE – Hoozin group messenger is the only group chat app that has another dimension to it. Choose a profile picture or an avatar and change it on the go whenever you feel like it!

 ONE ON ONE FREE TEXTING – The experience is the same with one on one texting! Why use old fashion texting services when you can chat with your friends in a fun way?

hoozin group chat– a friendly way to interact with friends

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