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HomeSlice is a household management solution that allows roommates to efficiently manage their shared bills, supplies and tasks in ONE place!

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Key Features:

WHITEBOARD: We’ve taken the traditional whiteboard seen in most college homes and made it the hub of communication so that roommates can easily communicate and be notified about household supplies, tasks and bills or even weekend plans!

SUPPLIES: Ever pick something up from the store for your roommate, only to never be paid back? With this feature, roommates can simply add household supplies or groceries to a shared list, notify them of when and where you will be going to the store, then create a quick bill for the trip! Now you can feel comfortable doing a favor for your roommate.

TASKS: Sharing responsibilities and maintaining the house is tough. This feature makes it easy to create and assign tasks that occur daily, weekly, monthly or just once! Forget the awkward conversations, let HomeSlice do the reminding!

BILLS: Putting your name on utility bills is a big responsibility and collecting money from roommates once a month is extremely annoying. This feature allows roommates to create and split bills any way you'd like. You can also add a due date to ensure that your fellow roommates know when you'd like to be paid by. To make things even easier, we have integrated VENMO, which allows roommates to make payments to one another in app!

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