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Super Vault - hide pictures

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Super Vault helps you hide pictures, videos, contacts (new), messages (new), Lock Applications (new) or hide any other file from your friends.
--IMPORTANT-- New! Long press the upper left icon the open vault! App looks like a normal gallery until you long-press on the upper-left icon. Now nobody suspects you are hiding something! We use AES encryption, the same algorithm used by the military.

Similar apps only change the file extension when hiding. We also encrypt the hidden photo, image, video or other file - so nobody can see your hidden files with a simple file rename. For example if you use Vaulty to conceal your sexy pictures or personal videos, anyone can simply rename the files and put .jpg, .png, .3gp or .mp4 at the end and they become visible in the gallery. Similar apps offer plus features if you buy a PRO version, but we offer all these features and even more, FREE and unlimited. Using Super Vault you can hide any file, not only images, pictures , films or videos. You can hide pdf or mp3 music files for instance! You can have a private gallery of anything. Hide secrets.

- Conceal pictures, conceal images
- Hide videos, make videos secret
- Hide files (make any file secret)
- Hide text messages
- Hide sms messages
- Hide call history, hide call log
- Multiple file hide
- AES encryption
- Safe password recovery(by email)
- Own Fast gallery to hide pictures
- Own Fast gallery to hide videos
- Folders in Vault mode
- Free privacy with a private gallery

Does a better job than other hide it pro applications. Offers maximum privacy and security, other apps only rename or move files.

The best part is that our encryption method is UNBEATABLE and can HIDE ANYTHING : hide photo files, can hide image files, hide video files, hide mp3, hide any file. We even provide recovery by email for when you forget your password.

Permissions explained:
* INTERNET: for password recovery and feedback
* ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: verify the internet connection
* READ_PHONE_STATE: get the IMEI for encryption process
* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: for moving, hiding or restoring files
* READ_CONTACTS + WRITE_CONTACTS + CALL_PHONE: for hiding + restoring + calling contacts
* RECEIVE_SMS + READ_SMS + WRITE_SMS + SEND_SMS: for hiding + sending SMS to Hide List
* READ_LOGS + GET_TASK: for password protecting apps
* RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: for starting lock apps service at boot

Super Vault also has an integrated fast image gallery, a fast video gallery and a file explorer to help you browse through your images, photos, pics, films, videos and other files. You can select multiple files at once and folders and hide everything with a few taps. The hide files section has "image hide", "video hide" or "other file hide" mode. You can even hide a whole directory by selecting it - all the files from that folder will be hidden.

Your privacy will never be invaded again! Keep your friends and familly away from your private photos, videos and other documents. Hide pictures quick and easy. Hide videos and hide documents. You can now have a private safe or private vault to store your files, totaly safe! Protect private pictures - keep away from kids. We provide the best data protection.

Your private data is organised in folders: Images, Videos and Other. Inside these folders you can have your own folders and name them how ever you want. This helps you keep your hidden data organised and helps you find music or find videos or other hidden files fast.

**1.From Gallery:
Select files and tap SHARE -> Super Vault. Super Vault supports multiple image hide - give it a try.

**2.In Super Vault:
Go to Hide files -> Images/Videos tab -> Hide images/videos by selecting them and hitting the "hide image"/"hide video" button

This is the best app to hide pictures and hide videos. On top of that you can hide any file and hide directories!

Super Vault helps you hide pictures, hide videos and have total privacy using top encryption system.

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