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Tic Tactics

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Tic Tactics Reviews

  • Mitch Hayes

    Mitch Hayes

    Reviewed in Play these, okay?

    Its tic tac toe done with a really great twist. Really great multiplayer system, just wish FB sign in wasn't required to save progress. Ads are minimal as well


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“It's one of those rare strategy games that anyone can pick up and play… a deceptive and entertaining challenge.” - TouchArcade
"Tic Tactics is as Brilliant as it is Simple" - Slimgamer
"A smart twist on an old classic" - Gamezebo A classic reborn! Tic Tactics is a turn-based multiplayer game that’s easy to learn but challenging to master!

If you know how to play Tic Tac Toe, you already know how to play Tic Tactics. The twist is that YOU DECIDE precisely where to send your opponent with every turn. You’ll be amazed by the strategic depth that awaits!

Challenge friends and strangers to increase your rank and become the ultimate Tic Tactician!

• Turn-based, online multiplayer
• Challenge your friends on Facebook or Google+!
• Full tablet support - all shapes and sizes!
• Easy to pick up and play
• Sleek and colorful interface
• Worldwide ranking system
• Full Player Profiles - Check out detailed stats for you and your opponents!
• Local Pass & Play - Great for a quick game with friends!
• Leaderboards - The ultimate list of players pulled from every platform

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how to make Tic Tactics even better. Reach out at tictactics@hiddenvariable.com

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/HiddenVariable
On Twitter: @Hidden_Variable

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